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What? No recipes?!

If given the choice between a cookbook or a thrilling, complex, captivating fiction novel; I would choose the cookbook every time. The recipes enthrall me. The pictures enchant me. Next I dream about how to mix and match the recipes to create a premium spread.

As a wife and a mama to four kids, mealtime matters. It is that brief moment in the day where we get to sit down together and connect on some level. Naturally, I do my best to put some thought into our meals, especially dinner. The busyness of life led me to a place where I wanted to be able to walk into my kitchen and make something fabulous with the items already there. I did not have the time to find that “one recipe”. Nor is it easy to make a quick run to the store for the random items needed to make a certain recipe possible.

The majority of food blogs du jour are recipe driven. This speaks well to those of us who are planners. You know, those organized people out there who sit down and strategize meals for the week BEFORE the week starts. I am also in awe of those who manage to make freezer cooking a reality. I wish I was a planner. This is not me and in spite of not having my act together, I still desire to be thoughtful in the meals that I prepare. This is where technique comes in to play.

So wait a minute, maybe I do have a recipe for us. Your next weeknight meal is this:

  • Start by choosing a flavor profile.
  • Pair this with some basic cooking knowledge {to be developed gradually}.
  • Add the 3|2|1 cooking method.
  • Serve and enjoy!



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