What is saladry?

DISCLAIMER: One of the {many} perks of being a noble writer is embracing the liberty that comes with the first amendment. This often leads me to formulate new vocabulary that derives merriment.

What is this thing called “saladry”? Since I made up the word, let me define it for you.




the craft or process of constructing distinguished salads from readily available ingredients such as: meat, seafood, eggs, pasta, vegetables or fruit.

The first step in mastering the art of saladry is understanding the parts that compose the whole. So lets start with a basic equation.

body + garnish + dressing = salad

We will scrutinize these components in subsequent posts but for now, I simply want to challenge us to adopt a granular view.

I am convinced that if we have a better knowledge of salads at a micro level, we would find ourselves making them more often. Saladry then becomes a finesse of parts producing a medley that is consistently delightful.



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