Three|Two|One Cooking Method

What is 3|2|1 cooking? This key phrase is peppered throughout the Spice of Life series. It is a tool that reminds us how to develop flavor in a dish. Try using the 3|2|1 cooking method in conjunction with the ingredients in the flavor profile tables. Serendipity will start to linger in your kitchen.

Three” refers to the 3 base ingredients. These ingredients are the backbone of a savory dish. I would not omit any of these three items unless the world is coming to an end. Luckily, the base ingredients are kitchen staples so fear not. You typically won’t need to make a special trip to the store for these guys.

Two”  means to choose 2 (or more) spices from the flavor profile table. Do you find yourself reaching for the same spices over and over again? Now is your chance to have some fun with your spice cabinet. There are several spices listed in each flavor profile. Start by mixing two together. As you begin to determine your preferences, consider combining more than two spices to develop a more complex flavor. It can be different every time.

One” means to choose 1 (or more) herbs from the flavor profile table. If possible, try to keep the herb component a fresh ingredient. Fresh herbs from your garden or local market always enhance flavor.

Alrighty. Now that we are empowered, off you go. Practice is perfection!


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