Three Parts to Soup Composition

Soup du jour translates to “soup of the day” and a practice of making a meal from ingredients relevant to the kitchen’s current state of affairs. What a splendid idea! To decidedly state you want to eat soup and then procure available ingredients for the task.

The soup du jour process becomes easier once we become familiar with the parts that produce the whole. As we become proficient in this process it becomes evident that soup is merely a theme and variation of this simple equation:

category + garnish + seasoning = soup

category: the type of soup, clear soup or puréed soup.

garnish: ingredients that add texture, color and form.

seasoning: a pinch and a dash to complete the flavor of the soup.

In the coming weeks, we will dismantle the elements of this equation to get a granular view of how soups are built. This makes it possible to construct soups in a premeditated yet spontaneous fashion yielding a final product full of intrigue.

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