A Technique Worth Repeating

Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Rosemary Chutney.

It all happened when some overly ripe apples started begging for deliverance. Chutney or bust. There is no better destiny for fruit on the brink of waste. I had a basic knowledge of how to reduce apples to that trademark chutney texture. Beyond that, I can honestly say that the flavors added to the sauce were only slightly planned. I began to add logical seasonings that, in my {noble} opinion, paired well with apples. Not only was dinner delectable but I felt ownership over what just transpired.

So here’s the thing about making sauces. There is a little bit of creativity¬†involved. Yes, there are some tried and true techniques and methods to employ. We will cover these details in the weeks to come. Once we gain the knowledge, facts and know-how of sauces, we cannot stop there. We then have to insert our personal tastes, likes and preferences before the sauce can elevate mealtime.

The best way to build an awesome sauce is to taste along the way and see if it needs a hint of something else.¬†We introduced this handy, dandy “taste and season” technique for the first time in our Soup du Jour cooking series. For the purposes of sauce making, it is worth repeating because it is vital for achieving that perfect level of awesome. To get started all we need is a spoon and some opinions.

taste and season technique
  1. Try a spoonful of sauce and note the flavor.
  2. Take another spoonful of sauce, add a pinch of season (e.g., salt, pepper, citrus or vinegar), taste and note the change of flavor.
  3. Determine your preference in flavor between step 1 and step 2.
  4. If the seasoned spoonful was preferred, add this seasoning to the sauce pan.

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