Taste and Season Technique

category + garnish + seasoning = soup

We come to our last component in the equation that is soup du jour: seasoning. The best way to build a flavorful soup is to taste along the way and see if it needs a hint of something else. This handy, dandy “taste and season” technique originates from none other than Michael Ruhlman {mais oui} and is worth sharing. To get started, all we need is a spoon and some opinions.

taste and season technique
  1. Try a spoonful of soup and note the flavor.
  2. Take another spoonful of soup, add a pinch of season (e.g., salt, pepper, citrus, or vinegar) and note the change of flavor.
  3. Determine your preference in flavor between step 1 and step 2.
  4. If the seasoned spoonful was preferred, add this seasoning to the entire pot of soup.

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