Suppertime Chop and Drop Salad

I have made mention of my four precious little cuties but I have yet to boast that I am also a proud auntie to several nieces and a couple nephews {a.k.a. the cousins}. A colorful crew they are, j’adore the opportunity to observe their quirky mannerisms because the cousins are {definitively} exceptional yet unique.

Occasionally they will stay overnight as guests in our home and it is then, while the parents are away, that we begin to appreciate the cousins on a whole new {liberated} level. I am particularly fond of those mealtime moments when I present them with a dish that they are not accustomed to eating. Their candid responses still entertain me to this day.  Take for example this random {yet honest} question from my niece:

Aunt Katie, do you make salad every night for dinner?

to which I replied:

no, but we have it frequently. I’m a veggie lover.

My spoken words rendered nothing but silence followed by a contemplative stare. It was then that I decided to bid adieu to the notion that I could impress all children with my brilliant saladry skills {tant pis}.

suppertime Chop and Drop Salad


The basic chop and drop salad with vinaigrette dressing makes an appearance at my dinner table several times a week. Repetition streamlines the preparation process leading to a quick, healthy and colorful side dish. This particular saladry technique is as simple as chopping ingredients, dropping them in a large bowl and then tossing to coat with dressing. My {noble} advice:

use the same large salad bowl every time

After a few attempts it will be easy to acquire a reliable, visual knowledge of ingredient amounts.

step one: prepare vinaigrette dressing in the bottom of the bowl


Mix mustard, seasoning, sour and sweet. Add oil, then whisk. The vinaigrette is complete. You are welcome to use my house vinaigrette dressing for inspiration. Ingredients include:

  • Dijon mustard | 1 teaspoon
  • dried Italian seasoning | 1 teaspoon
  • kosher salt | ½ teaspoon
  • cracked black pepper | ¼ teaspoon
  • red wine vinegar | 3 {ish} tablespoons, enough to cover the bottom of the bowl
  • apple butter | 1 teaspoon
  • olive oil | 1 tablespoon
step two: chop and drop the body ingredients


Chop a mixture of greens and drop them in the bowl on top of the prepared dressing.

step three: chop and drop the garnish ingredients


Select two {or more} garnish items, chop and drop them in the bowl on top of the greens.

step four: toss salad components


Toss, dressing, body and garnish to coat. Serve immediately.

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