Step Three of Salad Composition

Determine the body. Check.

Select the garnish ingredients. Check.

The only item left in our salad equation is the dressing.

Step three of salad composition is to determine the dressing that compliments the body and garnish ingredients.

There are many of us out there that eat salad because of the dressing. It often times assumes the leading role in salad composition and I see this as a farce. Remove the body and garnish ingredients and this leaves a liquid that is rather awkward when served alone.

Salad dressing is a complimentary sauce that may be served on the side or tossed with the body and garnish ingredients.

Admittedly, there was once a {blander} time in my life when salad was merely a vehicle for the dressing that coated it. As time progressed and my palate refined, I arrived upon two realizations:

  1. Dressing thrives in a supporting role.
  2. Homemade dressing is the difference-maker.

Over the next three posts, we will {respectably} say au revoir to store-bought dressing in order to discover how to make our own dressing with ease. Here are the nominees for dressings in a supporting role:

…and the award for the best dressed salad goes to…


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