Step One of Salad Composition

From limestone comes Eygptian pyramids. From white marble comes the Taj Mahal. From iron comes the Eiffel Tower. From steel comes Burj Khalifa. Whether building an architectural wonder of the world or a salad, the mainstay is typically determined before building commences.

The body is the mainstay and the focal point of the salad.

Step one of salad composition is to determine the body.

The body can be a single ingredient or combination of similar ingredients. In any case, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing {wisdom from Steven Covey}.  The salad body can be broken down further into five categories:

grains and starch

Determining the salad body is accomplished by selecting a category and then choosing a qualifying ingredient from the category. As a quick reference, I have prepared a condensed list of ingredients by category. You can use this as a starting point for your saladry endeavors.

GreensProteinFruitVegetableGrains and Starch
arugulachickenappleblack beansbrown rice
bibb lettucecrab meatcantaloupebroccolibulgar wheat
bok choyeggs (hard boiled)gelatinbrussel sprouts couscous
boston lettucehamorangecarrotspasta
green cabbagelobster meatpearcauliflowerpotatoes
green leaf lettucesalmonpineapplecornwild rice
iceberg lettucetunaraspberrycucumber
kalestrawberrygarbanzo beans
mesclunwatermelongreen beans
napa cabbagekidney beans
raddichiolima beans
red leaf lettucepeas
romaine lettucetomato


What is saladry?

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