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Spice of Life: Closing Remarks

Dearest reader,

Can you believe it? We have come to the end of the Spice of Life cooking series.  Thank you for joining me in this journey. We have covered some distance together! Here are some highlights to name a few:

My hope is that you have gained a new level of confidence in some area of cooking. If all of this still seems a little daunting, take heart. You don’t need to master everything right now {phew}. There is plenty of opportunity to practice because we eat {at least} three times a day! Let these concepts simmer slowly and gradually seep into your normal cooking habits.  Practice is perfection. My noble suggestion: focus on one of the flavor profiles for a whole month. Designate one meal a week to cook with those flavors and the 3|2|1 cooking method.

It goes without mention that I value your feedback! Send me a message. Comment on a post.  Tell me a story from your cooking efforts. What was simple {or not so simple}? What was splendid {or not so splendid}?

Warm regards,


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