Spice of Life: an aromatics education

Spice of Life: an aromatics education

Dearest reader,

Welcome to the Spice of Life cooking series. The main goal of this series is to give you {and me} a basic working knowledge of how to handle spices, herbs and aromatics. Yes, I am on this journey with you. We are exploring this together! It is time to be able to walk into our kitchens and make something pleasantly flavorful without a recipe holding our hands.

As you read through this series, here is what to expect:

  • concise flavor profiles from around the globe
  • three|two|one cooking method
  • tips and techniques
  • not a single recipe {gulp}

If you already love to cook, this series will be champion. You might find by the end that you have gained freedom in the kitchen. You will soon be discovering your own recipes! If you find cooking to be intimidating, this series will be delightful as well. Why not start the learning process by acquiring some essential cooking skills?

Most importantly, I am thrilled that we are cooking through this together. Where there is community, there is joy in the journey.

Warm regards,


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