Spanish Flavor Profile

Spanish Flavor Profile

Flavor Profile Table
garlic, onion and tomato
bay leaf, black pepper, fennel seed, oregano, paprika, saffron, white pepper
cilantro, parsley
almonds, bell peppers, chickpeas, chorizo, cod, olive oil, orange juice, orange zest, rice, seafood, sherry, sherry wine vinegar

three, Two, One

A Spanish-inspired dish begins with this simple 3|2|1 cooking method:

3 base ingredients + 2 (or more) spices + 1 (or more) herb + trademarks (optional)

Five Signature spanish Dishes

Noble Suggestions
  • Never underestimate the power of the Spanish sofrito. What is sofrito? A versatile tomato sauce that can be added to numerous dishes or used as a garnish: think soups, stews/braises, skillet suppers or atop fried eggs and rice. Saute the following ingredients in some olive oil until reduced to a sauce-like consistency (10-15 minutes):
    • 3 base ingredients (diced tomatoes, onion and garlic)
    • diced bell peppers
    • paprika
    • oregano
    • fresh parsley
  • Make sofrito cubes for an instant shot of Spanish 3|2|1 flavor. Prepare a large batch of sofrito. Then freeze in ice cube trays and store in freezer bags. Grab cubes as needed.
  • Turn your next potluck or progressive dinner into a tapas gathering. The great thing about tapas is they encourage community.  They are meant to be shared. It is a chance to try some of everything.

Brag and bloopers

Lets be honest. Sometimes brilliance happens in the kitchen and other times it is a complete fiasco. We want to hear it all. Brag about new cooking skills or let us share in the frustration. Please reply to this post.

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