Slurry {with the fringe on top}

Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry.
When you thicken sauce with a slurry.
When you thicken sauce with a slurry with the fringe on top. {now you}

Catchy little tune, isn’t it?  My poor little cuties. One day when they reach teen status, they will most likely be embarrassed by their mother’s lyrical genius. No big deal though, I think this behavior aligns with rule number 6,578 in The Universal Motherhood Handbook:

must exasperate teen children with nonsensical singing {and dancing}.

Slurry. It might possibly become your favorite way to make gravy for three reasons:

  1. Minimal ingredients
  2. Minimal mess
  3. Limitless phonetical amusement

slurry 411

A slurry is a mixture of equal parts corn starch and cold water. It is the perfect thickening agent to pair with any of the liquid sauce bases: stock, milk or pan juices.

When we make slurry, remember this easy 1:1:1 ratio:

1 tablespoon corn starch : 1 tablespoon cold water : 1 cup base liquid

Prepare the slurry in a separate bowl by stirring water and corn starch until the starch dissolves. For instance, if your liquid base is 4 cups, prepare a slurry of 4 tablespoons corn starch and 4 tablespoons cold water. Next, whisk slurry into the liquid base and bring to boil. The sauce will gradually thicken as it boils.

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