tuscan white bean and vegetable soup

Simple Tuscan White Bean and Vegetable Soup

Wintertime calls for copious amounts of soup. It warms the soul on a frigid day. I typically make a large pot of soup once a week and then we can enjoy it for a couple more meals throughout the week. It is brilliant, really.

My latest creation was a white bean and vegetable soup that was prepared using the 3|2|1| Cooking Method and the Italian Flavor Profile. It was a no fuss, slow-cooker, healthy, pocket book friendly, comfort food kind of meal. What more could you want {besides springtime}?

You can try my version if you’d like. Even better, come up with your own version…and then tell me about it!

tuscan white bean and vegetable soup

Place the following ingredients in a slow cooker along with 8 cups chicken stock, salt and pepper {to taste}:

3 base ingredients

1 carrot, diced

1 celery stalk, diced

half an onion, diced

2 (or more) spices

fennel seed, about a teaspoon

1 large clove garlic, minced

nutmeg, about a quarter teaspoon

1 (or more) herbs

 1 bay leaf

dried rosemary, about a teaspoon

dried basil, about a teaspoon

dried oregano, about a teaspoon

dried parsley, about a teaspoon

trademark ingredients

1 pound Great Northern white beans, rinsed and soak overnight

1 can diced tomatoes

shredded parmesan cheese {for garnish}

creative license ingredients

kale, a couple large handfuls

2 small potatoes, peeled and diced

Stir ingredients to combine. Cook on high for two hours, then switch to low for six more hours.

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