One Fell Swoop

We will efficiently acknowledge the last three thickening agents in one fell swoop because {for once} little explanation is required. There isn’t a technique to tout…or a ratio to remember…or a method to master.

A tiny bit of awareness will take us far. Keep these three nuggets in your apron pocket so that they are ready to implement when timing is noble.


Adding a smidgen of fat to the base creates sauce in an instant. Give this idea a try in the following scenarios:

  • Add a pad of butter to a hot skillet of pan drippings. Melt, stir to combine and then spoon over prepared dish.
  • Olive oil is a common ingredient used to thicken fresh ingredient sauces. For example, olive oil is the key ingredient used to thicken pesto.

Simmering a liquid over low heat for a longer period of time yields concentrated flavor. Reduction is a splendid option after deglazing a hot pan. Simply bring liquid to a boil and reduce heat to simmer, uncovered, until liquid thickens to sauce.


There may be a time when we are a mere kitchen gadget away from {awesome} sauce. Blend or pulse ingredients to thicken many a sauce. Fresh ingredient sauces are a great place to start (e.g., marinara and salsa).

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