Inland Shrimp Ceviche

Food has the ability to serve us a big bowl of nostalgia. This is one of the {many} reasons I relish preparing, consuming and blogging about food.  Somehow it turns into something beyond food. It takes me to an endearing moment, a remarkable friend, or an impressionable time in life.

Ceviche {“seh-VEE-chay”} will forever remind me of a babymoon trip I took with the hubs to Ambergris Caye, Belize. I can recall

myself as a glowing pregnant newbie


bumpy bike rides over neglected dirt roads


my beach reads strictly on the topic of motherhood
because I could figure it out in seven days


the rum raisin ice cream


enviously watching my hubby sip a cold glass of Belikin beer


my first bite of conch ceviche at a beach-side restaurant with sand floors


When I cross paths with ceviche at a restaurant, I can’t help but order it. Preparing this {effortless} seafood salad at home sends mealtime to an elevated status because of the nostalgia factor.

There is nearly a signature ceviche per region in the Americas, predominantly Carribbean, Central and South America. Design hinges on ingredients and flavors readily available to the area. I may as well throw my version into the mix too, don’t you think? Hailing from Midwestern America…Inland Shrimp Ceviche.

inland shrimp ceviche

Traditional ceviche is prepared with fresh, raw fish but since I dwell thousands of miles inland, I typically use fully cooked seafood as optimal freshness in these parts is not always obtainable. Prepare a batch of ceviche using the noble salad equation.

body + garnish + dressing = salad

Chop and drop body and garnish ingredients into a large bowl. Prepare dressing in a small bowl then pour over body and garnish. Toss to combine. Serve chilled on a bed of lettuce, in a bell pepper cup or with tortilla chips.


shrimp, fully cooked, roughly chopped | 1 pound for 3-4 servings


bell pepper, chopped | ½ a pepper

celery, chopped | 1-2 stalks

green onion, sliced | 2-3 stalks

jalapeno, rib and seeds removed, chopped | ½ a pepper

tomato, diced | 1 small{ish} tomato


Mix dairy, seasoning, sour and sweet. Add mayonnaise, then whisk. Creamy dressing magnifique. Combine dressing ingredients in a small bowl. Once prepared, pour over body and garnish and toss to combine.

plain yogurt | 1-2 tablespoons

cilantro, grab a handful and then chop

salt | to taste

cracked black pepper | to taste

white sugar | a pinch or to taste

lime juice | 1 lime

mayonnaise | 1-2 tablespoons

2 thoughts on “Inland Shrimp Ceviche

  1. Ceviche ALWAYS brings me back to the island of Bimini but restaurants always disappoint compared to waterside island ceviche with incredibly fresh conch. I’m going to try your recipe and take myself back to my endearing moment. It looks delicious!

    • Well it sounds like I need to put Bimini on my travel plans. Here’s to endearing moments! Cheers, friend!

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