Homemade Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Proceed with caution. Mastering the technique behind vinaigrette dressing will turn you into a {self-proclaimed} salad dressing snob.

I can hardly swallow most store-bought varieties these days.  Especially the vinaigrettes {bleh}, they often make the inside of my mouth burn. I’d rather eat the salad sans dressing…but enough with the melodramatic exaggerations.

With this post I am hoping to procure a few more snobs out there. One of the {many} endearing qualities of homemade vinaigrette is versatility. If you can make one, you can make many. The technique is constant…never-changing…but slight changes to ingredients can yield a completely unique experience.

So what is the technique? The following ditty describes it best:

Mix mustard, seasoning, sour and sweet
Add oil, then whisk
the vinaigrette is complete.

The fine print below explains the ditty down to minor details. All measurements are approximate and should be adjusted according to preferences and salad size. Measurements provided are sufficient for a large salad serving four adults.


To keep it traditional, use Dijon mustard. | 1 teaspoon


The options are nearly endless. Head to the flavor profiles for inspiration or try any of the following to get started: garlic, shallots, scallions, salt, black pepper, fresh or dried herbs, dried seasonings (e.g., Herbes de Provence). | 1 teaspoon


Vinegar or fresh citrus juice bring the sour element. For added flavor, look for infused vinegar at a local market or better yet, make your own. | 2 to 4 tablespoons


A hint of sweetness balances the sour flavors. Kitchen staples work well here: white sugar, brown sugar or honey. My noble preference is fruit butter or jams. They blend well and taste wonderful. | 1 teaspoon


Olive, vegetable, sesame, grapeseed, walnut…and the list goes on from there. | 1 tablespoon


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