Good Gravy and Awesome Sauce

Sauce is simple.

True statement.

But good gravy! The anthology of sauce proves to be a tremendous list {gobs}. The practical person in me wants to find a way to organize all the options but alas, I am struggling to categorize the masses. It makes it hard to know where to begin. Then I find myself panicking for a recipe. Inconceivable!

Before we go any further, lets set a level of expectation. The Awesome Sauce cooking series will not be an exhaustive catalog of every sauce known to mankind. We’d be here forever. Instead, lets walk away from this experience with a respectable amount of confidence and finesse in our sauce-making skills. When all is said and done and we look back and realize that:

  • we bid au revoir to canned cream of mushroom soup. {winning}
  • spaghetti sauce from a jar became a thing of the past in our kitchens {victorious}.
  • our next glass of chocolate milk contains a whirl of homemade chocolate syrup {champion}.

So the question is…how many sauces will it take to bring a little more intrigue to your cooking repertoire? This number is {hopefully} a little more manageable. Now that we have our goal, we can now journey through the great big world of awesome sauce. Bon Voyage!

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