GIVEAWAY: Luck of the Limerick Contest

The endearing inclusiveness of St Patrick’s Day makes us feel festive because let’s face it, we all want to be Irish for a day.

We wear green. Check.

We feast on corn beef and cabbage. Burp.

We have a Guinness. My goodness.

We dance an Irish jig. Oi!

Our Irish eyes are smiling…

We need your help with this one. We are holding a limerick contest! The lucky winner will receive a free Custom Mixed Bag and bragging rights {of course}.

Rules and regulations
  • To enter, submit your limerick as a comment to THIS blog post (not the social media post).
  • Your e-mail address must be submitted with the comment form. It will not display in the comment.
  • Contest runs until 11:59 p.m. CST, March 21, 2015 (Saturday).
  • The winner will be announced on March 24, 2015 (Tuesday).
  • Poems must follow standard limerick layout.
    • 5 lines
    • Lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme
    • Lines 3 and 4 rhyme
    • AABBA format
  • Inappropriate limericks are subject to removal from the site and disqualification from the giveaway.
  • The winning limerick will be determined based on compliance to the above rules and the subjective interests of the judges.

15 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Luck of the Limerick Contest

  1. Here is a limerick to stir the pot of creativity:
    I’m Katie the blogger, that’s me.
    I swoon over beets, yessiree.
    A drizzle of oil.
    I roast them in foil.
    Peel, slice and serve, heavenly!

  2. I don’t like veggies no siree,
    But my beautiful sister in law helped me see,
    They can be lovely oh yes this is true
    So if I’m ever am lonely or blue,
    I call Katie to find ones that don’t taste like a tree…

  3. Oh the joy I partake from the grill.
    It warms my heart to fill.
    Seasoning shakes
    On succulent steaks.
    It’s sublime, transcendent, still.

  4. I found me a leprechaun. Yay!
    He’ll grant all my wishes today.
    So bring on the sweets
    And glorious treats!
    And then… Can he change what I weigh?

  5. The words from my mouth run prolific.
    My prose could fill the Pacific!
    I have talent in spades.
    Bring on the parades!
    This limerick I wrote is terrific!

  6. Disorganized mountains of toys
    And days that are filled with noise.
    Running and fighting,
    Remember, no biting!
    Oh, the bountiful joys of my boys!

  7. “On Binge-Watching Top Chef”

    Mayonnaise, what a detestable food;
    It puts me in a terrible mood!
    It’s thick and it’s slimy,
    It makes me quite whiny —
    But if you like it…I don’t mean to be rude.

  8. “Knit-A-Thon”

    While knitting it’s hard to be sad —
    A few stitches turns a glum scene to glad.
    The needles go click,
    The rows add up quick,
    Now I’ve a scarf that’s totally rad.

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