Farmer’s Marketing: How to Shop Like a Chef

Once upon a {food blogger’s} dream, the opportunity arose to tour a local farmer’s market with an esteemed chef. At the ringing of eight bells one Saturday morn, I arrived at his restaurant eager to observe the process behind his farm-to-table menu.

The restaurant was a meandering stroll to the market. With {robust} coffee in hand, we traversed the red brick roads of the historic district conversing on food, cooking and the like. He {humbly} obliged random foodie questions and enlightened me on market offerings along the way.

Chef took time to assess the contributions at each relevant merchant. Booth by booth, we gradually loaded his antiquated cart with heaping piles of vegetable varietals, herbs, pecans and a single bouquet of flowers.

The memoir continues back at the restaurant. Often times great artistry starts with a blank sheet of white paper. Sourcing local ingredients available that morning, the chef and crew of experts began to scheme and scribble meal plans into a rough diagram. The mélange of ideas culminated into a six course meal that I enjoyed later that evening with my favorite gourmand in all the land {the hubs}.


how to shop like a chef

When you get a closer look at experts in their element, there are always morsels of wisdom to digest. Participating in this chef’s creative process brought insight into how to shop at a farmer’s market. Are you headed to the farmer’s market this weekend? Here are four tips on how to shop like a chef.

  1. Try the samples.
  2. Gravitate toward the seasonal items for the taste is far superior.
  3. Be intentional about purchasing a unique item that is out of your realm of normalcy completely for that reason.
  4. Consider what produce can offer you rather than what you can offer produce.


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