Farmer’s Marketing: For the Love of Fennel

Whenever I see fresh fennel bulbs at the farmers market, I have to buy it. Period. This is partly due to frugality {I married a banker}. Farmer’s market prices for fennel consistently remain lower than prices at the grocery store. What a bargain! I can’t afford not to buy it. Tuppence aside, something about fennel just makes me smile.


If vegetables possesed character, I would designate fennel to be:

Quirky and reliable
Crisp and clean
versatile and consistent
simple and splendid

The subtle licorice flavor pairs well with beans, beets, citrus, greens, nuts, olives, pasta, seafood, sausage and tomato. The entire plant is edible and can be purposed for just about anything: braises, grilling, roasting, sautes or simply served raw.


Looking to bring a little curiosity to the table? Try serving sliced fennel in a layered salad using our noble salad equation.

body + garnish + dressing = salad

Layer ingredients onto a platter in the following order. Then serve platter family-style.


mixed greens, chopped, enough to cover the bottom of the platter


2-3 small beets, roasted, chilled and sliced

orange segments from a single orange

½ of a fennel bulb, sliced

5 {ish} stalks of chives, chopped

feta crumbles, enough to your liking

Dressing (SIMPLE)

balsamic vinegar, a light splash over entire salad

salt, to taste

black pepper, to taste

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