Covering Our Bases: the Eight Great

base + thickening agent + flavor profile = sauce

Splendid sauce begins with covering our bases. The base to your sauce is the main ingredient that brings depth and dimension. For example, the base to the green sauce pictured below is green pepper.

stewed lentils over brown rice | green pepper garlic crema

stewed lentils over brown rice | green pepper garlic crema

What if I told you that sauce-ery becomes quite manageable when we remember merely eight base ingredients? Heck, lets be honest, if we can remember even four of these babies, we will be hitting a home run. Our quality of life will improve drastically.

the eight great bases
  1. Stock {chicken, beef vegetable or fish}
  2. Milk {or cream, or half and half}
  3. Butter
  4. Pan juices or drippings
  5. Fresh ingredients {puree fruits and vegetables, herbs}
  6. Egg
  7. Sugar
  8. Chocolate

We’ll discuss what to do with them in the coming weeks. Now may be a noble time to internalize this list. Or consider selecting the top three bases you wish to master first.

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