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Dearest reader,

There is this window in my house. Perhaps you know the one? The one that magically opens, Monday through Friday, right around 3:00 p.m. letting in all the crazies that arrive like crashing waves flooding any semblance of order. Nappers awake. Students return. Backpacks. Snack time. Papers, Questions. Homework. Practices. Neighbor friends. Dinner preparations. The crazies just keep coming one after the other until clarity turns blurry. Sheesh, I should have seen that coming. It happened yesterday when I swore to handle it better tomorrow.

The reality is that life is fabulous and full. Dinner often happens with a rather chaotic haste. Sometimes I can ride the chaos with grace and finesse. Other times these moments become a proverbial sinking ship where I lose the ability to see the potential greatness of thawed chicken breast waiting in the fridge. All I really want to do is send a dinner SOS to the nearest pizza place. There has to be a better way to save dinner on these days. Right?

I would like to invite you to join me for the Awesome Sauce cooking series. My motivation to acquire a proficiency in sauce skills developed from recurring frustrations of dinner SOS. Sauce is a simple, manageable way to improve any dish you are serving whether that be ordinary chicken or a scoop of store-bought ice cream.

The goal in this series is to help us master the skills needed to build a complimentary sauce using the ingredients that are readily available in our kitchens. As we cook through this series you can expect content regarding:

  • {respect your} mother sauces
  • drizzles over desserts
  • tips and techniques on basic cooking skills
  • not a single recipe {gulp}, only examples

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