Noble Potatoes

[noh-buh-l  puh-tey-toh-z]


  1.  a culinary idiom that is equal parts simple and splendid.
  2. a blogshop inspiring home cooks to become the expert in their kitchen.


Katie – the noble voice

katie headshot

smitten wife. quirky mama to four. finds cooking to be creative expression.

believes mealtime matters. cookbook zealot.

introspective runner. appreciates sprinkled sarcasm.


Jackie – the noble designer

jackie smiling headshot

enamored wife. playful mom. relevant artisan.

color enthusiast. considers texture a touchy subject.

architecture is her muse. perpetual wiggleworm.


Our Noble Adventure

We are two friends seeking to encourage each other to pursue our dreams. In the midst of ambitious chatter, we found a way to blaze this trail together because unfamiliar territory is sweeter with a friend. Noble Potatoes is the outpouring of this journey. In spite of us each having debonair husbands and a house full of precious little cuties, we also have the desire to nurture the interests that speak to our very nature. Here is to self discovery, genuine friendships and meaningful tables. Cheers!

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