A Renewed Appetite

Well hello there. How did summer treat you? Were you beginning to hear crickets in my little, noble section of the blog-o-sphere?  It may appear as though I have ceased cooking and sharing but alas, I return with a renewed appetite not to mention, a new kitchen! Four months into my new digs and I have yet to wish it were different. It is high time I give you a tour.

The last thing I intend to do is saturate the nobles with tales of kitchen dreams come true. I consider brevity a virtue and a personal strong suit.  So, at the risk of turning this post into a colossal snooze-fest, here are my top three favorite spots in my new cooking space.

island oasis


I’m not exactly napping in a hammock here but meal preparations prove to be easy breezy with this essential location. I can stand at the island and pretty much be within arms reach of most kitchen gadgets, tools, towels, spices, cookware, dishes and cleaning necessities. When it comes to efficiency in the kitchen I don’t necessarily subscribe to a “bigger is better” philosophy. Why spend time walking from here to there? Never underestimate the power of proximity.


pantry perfection



Large and in charge, my new pantry is THE perfect place to store just about anything…and practice the running man. I also find it to be the best place to hide from my children when they attempt to disrupt a phone conversation.


coffee and cocktail central

coffeeandcocktailA one stop spot for those moments in our day that necessitate a soul-soothing beverage. This area is typically the hubby’s playground. I am but a mere beneficiary of his concoctions. I do, however, claim a reasonable measure of entitlement. The brilliant placement and organization of these two cabinets was my brainchild. Salud!

Voila! Welcome to my noble kitchen. It continues to be that place where

cooking meets creative expression


simple is splendid


mealtime matters.

Don’t you think?  Join us in the coming weeks as we begin the next cooking series. Its about to get a little saucy around here.

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