5 Tips to Selecting Soup Garnish

I know what you are thinking. Great. Thanks for telling me about soup garnish but how do I determine what garnish ingredients pair well together? How do I know what to throw into the pot? A little help, please?

I have great news:

this noble journey to greatness is not souper complex.

Even better:

it is really {reeeeally} difficult to ruin soup.

So with these few helpful tips to keep in your apron pocket, it will not be long before you discover your next soup du jour.

5 tips to selecting soup garnish
  1. Identify a flavor profile to follow. Learn more about flavor profiles in the Spice of Life cooking series.
  2. Follow the 3 | 2 | 1 Cooking Method to build the soup. Learn more about this cooking technique in the Spice of Life cooking series.
  3. Attempt to mimic a beloved soup and incorporating your favorite ingredients.
  4. Go seasonal. Use ingredients that showcase the fresh tastes of the current season. Winter pairs well with butternut squash soup. In the Spring, try cream of asparagus soup. Summer cannot pass us by without cold cucumber soup. Fall just isn’t complete without a big bowl of chili.
  5. Repurpose flavors from a non-soup dish. Where do you think the brilliancy of taco soup originated?


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