Three Essentials Genres of Salad Presentation

Welcome to the final post of the saladry series! We have taken a fair amount of time detailing the parts of salad composition: body, garnish and dressing. Defining the granular view can cause us to ponder how to finesse these parts into a delightful medley. This leads us to three essential genres of salad presentation. Clearly there are more than three ways to arrange a salad but these should positively be in your répertoire.

chop and drop

The name says it all. Merely chop your ingredients and…{you guessed it}…drop them into a large bowl. Toss with some dressing.  Voilà.

Judging by the number of chop and drop examples in this saladry series, it is safe to say I implement this genre the most. It works well for weeknight dinners and family-style dining.

large and layered

Grab a platter or a transparent bowl and layer ingredients one by one, finishing with a layer of dressing. This genre brings a welcomed appeal to any buffet spread. Give it a whirl the next time you host Friday Afternoon Club or participate in potluck.

solo salad

Not in the mood to share? Solo salads are a lovely first course to begin a cozy evening of dining and dialogue. Construct an individual portion of salad perfect for one. There are beaucoup presentation possibilities in the solo genre. Embrace creativity!

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